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Weller Bourbon Lamp

Weller Bourbon Lamp

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Introducing the Weller's Bourbon Bottle Table Lamp - a unique and stylish lighting fixture that combines sustainability with functionality. Made from an empty Weller's Bourbon bottle, this lamp is a great addition to any room and perfect for those looking for an alternative to traditional lamps.

The lamp features a high-quality LED bulb that provides bright, even lighting without consuming excessive amounts of energy. The base of the lamp is made from durable material and designed for stability on flat surfaces. Additionally, the long cord allows for easy placement around your home or office.

Not only is this lamp functional but it also adds character to any space with its distinctive design. Each lamp is handmade with a repurposed  bottle, making every piece one-of-a-kind and supporting sustainable practices.

Whether you're looking to reduce waste or simply want a stylish new lamp for your living area, the Weller's Bourbon Bottle Table Lamp is the perfect choice. Order yours today!

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